Social Media and What It Can Do For Your Business.

Social Media

Social Media……it’s not new any more but lets turn back the clock to a time before it was around.


Social media is the new electronic form of word-of-mouth advertising, but it spreads must faster, easier and to a lot more people than the traditional offline method.

Do you remember when you were in the market for a new car or a vacuum cleaner, or even wanted to know which face soap or toothpaste to buy? You’d ask friends, family members and co-workers which one they used and recommended. Then you would take their feedback into consideration and make your purchase.


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Your Consumers Use Social Media

No matter what product or service you offer to your consumers, consumers are talking about it on their social media.

As the provider of the product or service, when you create an account on the major social media outlets, you are creating a platform for these conversations to take place. You are fostering relationships between you and your current customers.

You are starting relationships with prospective customers, and you are listening in on conversations that consumers are having with or without you.


Your Consumers Share on Social Media

About one in five happy customers shares good news or appraisals on products or services with their social media contacts. Marketing 101 is that you, as a business, need to be where your audience is.

Your audience is on social media. It does not matter if your target market is 13-year-old girls or 85-year old men. Consumers are social creatures by nature, so when they have used a good product or received a good service, they tend to want to share this with other people they know.


Social Media is the Part of the Marketing Puzzle

No one marketing tool is the one-size-fits-all solution to marketing your business, product, or service.

Social media, however, is one piece of the puzzle that completes your marketing tool kit. When you combine your social media marketing efforts with all of your other marketing efforts, you have the opportunity to reach consumers, business owners, audiences, and target markets that you may not otherwise have the chance to get in front of and convert into customers.

Honestly, people will not buy so much as a pair of shoes these days unless they talk to their social media contacts to get their opinions, read consumers reviews and ratings, and get the good, the bad, and ugly details. Should they buy the white one, the black ones, which brand, and from where?

From socks and underwear to technology and cars, take a look around and you’ll see all size companies using social media networks to advertise and promote their products, run contests, get feedback from customers, try to instigate interraction with others on a regular basis. When this is going on you want to be right there in front of their noses.


Social Media can really help your business.