Services We Provide

This article tells you of all the services KIS providesOK…you have decided that you want to make use of the power of the Internet to grow your business and this means that you need certain services to build a web presence or develop what you already have.

If you are starting from scratch there are a few basic steps that need to be taken and Keystone Internet Services is pleased to provide these free of charge as part of many of our web site construction packages:

  1. the registration of your domain name
  2. provision of web hosting services
  3. unlimited email addresses

We will meet with you to discuss your requirements and then build a web site with you to suit your needs. We can then provide a quotation for you depending upon your requirements.

Site Establishment and On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

This is the establishment phase of the project. Once your web site is in place we then move our attention to On-page SEO services. The first part of this exercise is in-depth Keyword Research

A Keyword is the word or combination of words that your customers will type into Google when searching for a product or services on-line. Finding the right keyword is one of the most important things you can do. Why you may ask? Well, it goes like this. Lets say that you want to lose weight. What would you type into Google to find the right weight loss program? Below is a short list of three words that you might use and beside each word is the number of searches per month that each keyword has:

  1. how to lose weight – 4400
  2. losing weight – 1900
  3. weight loss – 9900

As a customer each one of these words will get you the right answer but as a vendor you want the one which the most number of people use. In this case Weight Loss. So our keyword research services are designed to find the keywords that people are using to search for the products or services you sell.

However, the next phase is to gauge the competition for that keyword and ascertain whether or not we will be able to reach the top of Google within a reasonable period of time. This is an extremely time consuming and involved process but needs to be right for the system to be successful

Optimisation of the web site for the selected keywords includes services such as:

  • Title and URL
  • The Meta description
  • The Meta Keywords
  • Page Headings
  • Images included on the site
  • Text/html ratio’s
  • Resolving www issues
  • Robots.txt
  • XML sitemaps
  • Encoding codes
  • Google Analytics
  • Site load time
  • Site readability level
  • Keyword content level

Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation

Component 2 is where back link services are added utilising various methods. In most cases we use only Premium link sites with high quality page rank which therefore supply valuable “link juice”. This work also includes preparing articles for inclusion on the site and dissemination to article marketing sites, blogs, bookmarks and social media links.

Our Minimum Monthly Services Commitment

Each month that our agreement remains in place we will provide the following services under this component heading.

  •      Original articles with spun versions for submission to article directories
  •      Submissions to Premium Article Directories
  •      Submissions to Premium one-way backlinks
  •      Construction of the innovative Keystone “KeyWheel” backlinking strategy.
  •      High PR one-way backlinks
  •      Social Bookmarking
  •      Blog Posts and Forum Comments
  •      Initiation of RSS submissions and RSS Mash.

Our monthly reporting structure will allow you to see what is happening as the project develops.

Strategic Pacing and Quality Control Services

It is imperative that the overall strategy is carefully paced and controlled. The growth of the web site should appear to be reasonably natural over time, as if increasing numbers of people are visiting the site, adding the link to theirs and promoting it to their friends. Google will penalise you if the growth appears erratic or to fast. This is a trick used by some SEO companies to get your site ranking really quickly, but once Google works out what is happening, it will downgrade your site accordingly and the ranking will not hold.

In the world of backlinking, size does matter. However quality is definitely more important than quantity. For example 10 backlinks on medium PR sites can be worth 100 on sites ranked 1 or less. This can grow exponentially so that 10 backlinks on High PR sites (say 7 and above) could be worth as many as 1000+ of the basic run-of-the-mill variety.

Finally, Google will always give more kudos to quality content. With this in mind we only use professional writers to provide high quality articles; we only use professional video makers and voice-over people for high quality video; in fact we only use professional people in all aspects of our services to ensure a high quality outcome for our clients.


It is essential that the development process is ongoing. Even once you have reached the top of Google you will need to maintain new content and back-linking services to stay there. Remember if you stop, another business is still growing and they will pass you.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES – costs on application

Video – We can provide video content to help promote your site and pages.

Social Media – Do you have a Fan Page and is it linked to your web site? Are you making good use of the viral nature of Facebook and other social media services such as Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites?

Google Places – Have you claimed your free Google listing and optimised it?

Mobile – Is your site working and are you advertising on smartphones and other similar devices

We would be pleased to supply additional information on our services in these areas plus we can always research any specific idea you may have.