SEO Packages

So you already have a great looking website?

but how many people are visiting it, or More Importantly – buying your products?

Free website and SEO servicesTo ensure your prospective customers can find you in the maze that is the Internet  your site has to be optimised.

When your customers enter their search term into the search bar, Google matches it with information in it’s memory and sends them to the best site – this is where you need the right keywords and site optimisation to tell Google where to find you.

This process is called SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

It is split into two main areas called:  ON-PAGE SEO  and  OFF-PAGE SEO


This involves setting up your site so that Google can easily read and understand it and re-writing the content on your pages into the format that Google likes and therefore promotes.  Only high quality content is acceptable.


This is all about lifting the authority status of your website using links with other sites, forums, blogs, article sites and a host of other places.  With the following Off-Page SEO packages KIS can lift the profile of your site so that it will appear at the top of Google for your selected Keywords.  All prices are per month and exclude GST.

There is a lot of work involved in getting your site to the coveted first page and ongoing work to ensure you stay there.  A lot of businesses out there want to be on the first page, and stay there.  Let us help you  make your  business website successful so that it ranks high in the search engine results.

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If you would like to really fly in getting your site to page one,

try our

Advanced SEO Packages.