So Why Do We Want The Front Page Of Google?

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Today, most people turn to the Internet to locate LOCAL products and services.

Think about it… when is the last time you picked up your Yellow Pages

To give you an idea about how powerful Internet usage is amongst consumers, here are a few statistics:

  • Almost 250 million searches for products and businesses are performed per day on Google alone.
  • DM News reported that 35% of all Internet searches are local.
  • comScore reported that 90% of local commercial searches result in offline bricks and mortar purchases.
  • Online marketing is expected to be 15% of all media advertisement spending in 2013. It’s currently approximately 7.6%.
  • Take a quick look at this video that shows statistic on the power of on line and email marketing.

Small Business Marketing has even gone beyond the computer… mobile phone Internet usage is also growing at astonishing rates.  While the technology is fascinating, this global connection has also created problems for some local business owners.


  • Local businesses are struggling to get new – and repeat – customers.
  • Business expenses keep rising, while profits are quickly declining.
  • Some local business owners are barely staying afloat – yet they are still not utilizing the power of the Internet marketing advantage.
  • Some local business owners prefer to spend thousands of dollars on traditional print advertising methods, which are becoming less effective. Take a look at this article on The Death Of Print Media. byInvestopedia
  • Local competitors are catching up on the power of the Internet and leaving their counter-parts in the dust.
  • Most consumers have traded in their Yellow Pages for a more comprehensive online search.
  • Newspaper sales are down… Everywhere.
  • Many a developer have devised methods in which DVR devices, such as TiVo, allow people to choose not to watch commercials.

Would you agree that whenever you need information or need to find a product or service your first thought is to go online?

The Internet is a new age marketing “must have” for all businesses. If a business wants to continue to grow and get new customers, to rank high on the web (i.e. Google) is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. If you would like to read about Google, look at this article in Wikipedia.
The Internet provides several powerful avenues to help businesses continue to get a load of leads, more customers, and more profits, a view taken by many thousands of people.

This is great news, but many a businesses site is being left in the wind when it comes to online marketing. Their competitors are implementing online strategies that allow them to dominate their local market.  You can get yourself on the first page of google free, if you know how, but it is a very time consuming business.  You need to be online and ranking now rather than later.

If you are not establishing a strong online presence, your chance of connecting with local customers is greatly reduced. Without it, you’re just letting money slip right through your fingertips. The is even a web site dedicated to finding local customer, take a look at Find Local

The purpose of this report is to help you learn more about the different online marketing avenues that will allow you to connect with local prospects consistently.

You will learn the different methods of online marketing that are available to you and why they’re effective.  In addition, you will learn more about how online marketing works overall so that you can have a better understanding of how it can benefit your business. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to decide which online marketing strategies to use when you don’t even understand them.

Some business owners avoid Internet marketing simply because they don’t understand it. Others don’t use it because they don’t think it’s effective. Others avoid it because they’ve been burned before by their “web guy.” Others don’t think it’s worth the money.

However, none of these reasons are good enough to miss out on the opportunities that online marketing can bring to your business. In order to really connect with your local prospects and customers, there are several online marketing techniques you can use to generate a constant stream of new business, you need visitors to your site who will visit you often, maybe they would like to be subscribed to your newsletter. However one warning comes here, if you do get people subscribing, you must always make it so they can unsubscribe if they wish.

Connecting with your local customer-base is crucial today as overall consumer spending has taken a major decline over the past few years. Therefore, business owners are scrambling for all of the business they can get.

What better way to get new customers than to go where they spend a majority of their time?

You may be thinking, “Well, I have a website, so I’m already ‘online, in fact they refer to me as a webmaster.’” A website is just one small step in the world of online marketing. KIS offer budget start up packages to get you up and mobile on the net – take a look

Yes, having a website is an important step every business should eventually take to get an online presence. But are you driving traffic to your website? If not, what good is a beautiful website if it’s lost in the dessert where no one can see it? You need to continue to add backlink after backlink

In order to really connect with local consumers, there are several things you should consider… so let’s explore some of those techniques and strategies together

Once you are armed with this information, you will be able to implement solutions that will produce a steady stream of NEW and REPEAT local business!

There are ways to find out if you rank on the internet,  use Google free search results for a start, just type into the search bar your products or URL and Google will supply you with a list of the top 100 sites pertaining to your search terms.

Below are a few things that a well presented website should offer;

  • Enable people to comment on your articles
  • Keep a track of your visitors results and what business they are in
  • Do a check daily, or at least monthly, on the number of visitors who click on your site – Google Analytics can provide this free.
  • Do an overhaul at least every year of your site’s design, upgrade it,  – keeps it interesting and up to date – follow the trends
  • Definitely run a blog, one clients can add comments to. Find out what a blog is an interesting article by Word Press.
  • Offer something for free to get people on your newsletter list
  • To stay on top, keep adding a link at a time, comments on blogs and forums in your own niche, but make sure the comments read well.
  • Add videos, this is a vital step and will help your online time per visitor. Use Youtube to show your videos also.
  • Work hard on your articles, make sure only good quality content is added which has good English, grammar and spelling.
  • If you want to appeal to a world market and use a foreign language, seek an experienced translator, don’t skimp here. You can get a free translator through Google, but it is very basic, however take a look and decide for yourself.
  • A great way to to have potential customers subscribe to you is to offer a rock solid guarantee on any of your products – 3 months at least
  • A valuable tip, post your new articles on social media sites, that’s one of the years best suggestions and steps up your effort to get traffic.
  • Advertising is a possibility through adwords.
  • Register with lots of Social Media sites.  Learn how to utilise them well.  Get likes for Facebook or Twitter.
  • Whether offering products of a service, make suggestions, give support.
  • Have maps on your contact us page. Make sure your location is obvious.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) is the secret to your campaign for conversion to a professional website.
  • Check your content ensuring you are not in breach of any copyrite and that  your articles do not contain duplicate content

These are just a few tips to help you make more money, bigger profits while saving you heaps on advertising that few people visit.  Follow these steps and you are guaranteed to please.

Don’t forget to ask questions of your custom, ask for ways to improve what you are offering. Remember, active clients are happy clients.

To get onto the front page, your site – pages, posts and blogs, must be optimised.  This means you have to make sure your articles are acceptable to Google.  Good quality content is what people are looking for.  If you follow the rules you will find your site or page creates results on the front page.  Be sure also that your site is fast in loading, taking more than a few seconds to load chould turn potential customers away. Appeal to the search engine also, they are the key to ensure you make page one rankings.

Keystone Internet Services are leaders in online marketing and developers of websites, just take a look at their Blog – in particular “Make Your Website Work For You“. They can advise you and even supply you with quality articles, keywords research and social marketing which achieves very effective results, and will start bringing you customers, through the power of keywords research, that are already interested in purchasing your product or service.

You are running a 21st century business and being ranked on the front page of Google is a necessary requirement. Remember Google’s spiders and crawling your site constantly, keep them happy with a good sitemap, demonstrate sound knowledge in your chosen niche.  Professionals can help with a sturdy strategy that will help you rank high on google and other search engines.