Increasing Local Business Sales

Promoting your local business to make more salesIf you are marketing your business, you should concentrate on your local area first to get the best return for your efforts.

This does not mean blanketing the local marketing area with your company name or your personal photograph. Too much exposure can lead to local customers becoming tired of you and your company and thinking you are too pushy.

Being seen in the local newspapers in support of a local community project is a very good “local marketing” strategy. They will appreciate the fact that you are giving something back to your community. They are more likely to remember your face and subsequently your business name.

If you are serious about local marketing a contribution to a local community project will always go down well. If you are asked to contribute to a special event and you agree, then make sure that the local press know about the event well in advance so that they can be in attendance and get the project to print.

Always be friendly, open and honest to everyone you meet. This will increase their trust in you and they would be inclined to refer you to their friends if they feel you are a nice person.

Try to avoid becoming involved in anything too controversial. There are times when “sitting on the fence” is a good idea. If however just about every person in your community is shouting for a particular improvement, then by all means let them know you support them.

One way to get people to your store is to simply let your customers put posters in your shop window. Always, always, always – be POSITIVE – negativity only earns you enemies.

If you are able, a donation toward their cause can be immensely profitable for you in sales, as well as in popularity. The contribution may be discounts on your products, or in fact provision of a product for raffles etc., or, of course, a monetary donation.

Giving of your time is possibly the most important form of  local marketing  you can offer a  community project. They always need assistance from volunteers to help run events for them or for people to become an active member on their committees.

Remember, get your Business Name and personal name across whenever you can, but do it discreetly.

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