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SEO Services

Web Development and PositioningWouldn’t it be great to have a Free Website?…and what could be better than to offset that with Free SEO Services?

Of course, in reality, whilst nothing is impossible, a free website and SEO services is pretty unlikely unless you know someone that will do the work for you for nothing, or if you know how to do it yourself.

In fact even if you do know how to build your own free website, do you have time? The most important thing for any successful business owner is to run their business and attend to their customers. Always remember that we should all work to our strengths and building a website may not be one of yours, even though you know how.

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A free website and SEO services and what else?

Free Website

Actually the idea of a free website is not totally out of the question if you can do each of the following three things with relative ease:

  • Register a domain name
  • Organise hosting
  • Install a wordpress theme website

All it takes is those three things and you have a free website, of course that doesn’t insert the pictures and videos, organise the layout and write the articles and it doesn’t provide the SEO services. If you are a chiropractor you don’t usually attend to the plumbing, install electrical circuits or fix computers yourself so when it comes to website building, why not go to the professionals and let them do it for you.

At Keystone Internet Services we build simple easy to use web sites that you can update yourself. That means that once it is built, you don’t have to call us every time you want to change a few words or add a new picture or article. We will show you how to do that.

SEO Services

Having the best looking website in the world, even if it is not a free website, would be fantastic! Just like, if you have  a shop front for your business, you would like it to look fantastic to the passers by. But what happens if your shop is in a back alley off the main street and no one knows it is there? If no one sees it, how will they know how fantastic it really is.

The same applies to your free website, and this is where SEO Services come in. If no one knows where to find your website, no-one will see it and, more importantly, no-one will buy your products.

Just as you want your shop to be on main street…your web site needs to be on the Internet equivalent…and that is the front page of Google.

SEO services will put up all the right signs and add all the right promotion to your website so that it gets to the front page of Google. In fact at Keystone Internet Solutions we are absolutely committed to utilising the best SEO services to get you into one of the top six spots for your chosen keywords.

So in the end, what do you really want? A free website and no SEO services that was really cheap to build and may even look ok; or…

…a custom designed website fully optimised to get you to the place where your customers are just waiting to buy your products or services?.

Come and have a chat to us at Keystone Internet Solutions

We won’t build a free website or provide free SEO services…but we WILL build your business!


Free Website and SEO services