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Web Design – The DIY Solution

Web Design Hobart

So you want to build a website for your small business so you can find new customers on the internet? Good For You!!

Below is a basic step-by-step guide on what you need to Do It Yourself!

What Kind Of Site Are You Building?
There are websites of all shapes and sizes and you need to select one to suit your needs. From a basic single page that says who you are to a fully fledged e-commerce site you should know from the start what you want, at least in outline. For the sake of this article let's assume that you are building a simple site for your business with say 1-10 pages.

Whatever your purpose there a re a few simple things that you will need to consider

  1. The website looks clean, crisp and easy to read when it first opens - you have only a few seconds to impress your future customer. First Impressions REALLY count
  2. The site needs to open quickly - If it takes to long people will NOT wait. They will just hit the backbutton and head elsewhere.
  3. The site needs to convey three things easily. These are your NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER. They are the three most important things that visitors want to know, first up, when they arrive on your home page.
  4. You will need some basic content for your site. Description of your product or service, images other relevant information. So make a few notes of how you think you would like it to look. Search similar businesses on the web and find sites in your, or similar, industries you like the look of that could act as a demonstration of what you might want your site to look like. Now you are ready to move on.

Domain Name and Hosting
This is a very important part of your website. If you imagine youself opening what we refer to as a "Bricks and Mortar" business in your town, the first thing you need is a name for that business. The DOMAIN NAME is the online equivalent.

If possible it should be as close as you can get to your business name and reasonably short while staying clear of abbreviations, acronyms and numbers.

You also need to decide on your TLD (Top-Level Domain). These are the letters after the dot at the end of your Domain Name. For example I am sure many of you are familiar with amazon.com and facebook.com. There are quite a few that are available but unless it is impossible you need to stick to the Number 1 TLD in your country.

If you are in the USA then .com is for you; In the United Kingdom .co.uk is the one and in Australia .com.au is what you are aiming for. If you are not certain what is best for you check out this list of all TLD's worldwide.

In the same way that the DOMAIN NAME is the name of your business, the WEB HOSTING provides the equivalent of a regular business's street address. Your physical location if you like.

There are dozens of web hosting companies around but I would like to offer you three that I feel will be most suitable to you. The first is for all around the world, the second is for Aussies because we are like that and the third is for a real DIY run at the problem. Obviously I would recommend getting someone to do this for you because honestly, there are so many hiccups and pitfalls it is really a good idea to save time and probably money and let the professionals take care of it...and it is not as expensive a youus might think.

Before I do however I should tell you that I have affiliate accounts with each of these companies which means that if you follow one of these links and buy from them, I will get a small commission, so thank you in advance.

Web Hosting

If you live in Australia and would prefer to use and Aussie company I can highly recommend Netorigin. The reason is I use them myself and their service and support has always been fantastic. 

Web Hosting

Wherever I travel around the web one name is used as being the best for hosting. bluehost. Check their great prices and support and I am certain you will be happy with them

Web Hosting

Then WIX is highly advertised and easy to use but you should always remember that if you run with WIX and want to leave them you cannot take your site with you.

The World Of Web Design

Their are literally hundreds of website building platforms and site builders around. There some you may have heard of like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix... the list goes on. You could of course start from scratch and build it from scratch using basic code, but unless you know what you are doing this will be a slow and painful option.

I could give you all kinds of statistics about the fact that there are 3.95 Billion internet users in the world as of June 2018 (thanks to a website caled Hosting Facts for these figures) and total numbers of users and so on.

For me there are only two highly relevant statistics. According to a recent survey by W3Techs 32% of all websites are built on WordPress. (That is WordPress.org...not WordPress.com). This figure is 10 times more than any other similar platform.

The second statistic is that well over double that number of internet marketing people use WordPress. One of the main reasons for this is that wordpress is FREE!. Sure there are paid additions to it, but you can use it absolutely free and it will work perfectly and look great.

All in all, WordPress is already the biggest and best in exactly the area you want to be. Unless you want to try Wix, or similar programs like Squarespace and Shopify, all of which come at a much higher cost and much lower versatility, WordPress is the place for you to stop hunting.

There are a couple of ways to do this but lets take the easist path.

  1. Log Into Your Hosting Account
  2. Go to your control panel 
  3. Select "WordPress" Icon (see image)
  4. Select The Install Button
  5. Fill In The Required Details
  6. Click "Install Now" and 'VOILA!' All Done

Web Design Cpanel

There are upwards of 2000 different themes available for WordPress sites and each of these can have almost unlimited variations. You will find some themes come with pre-built demo sites which you can install to give a pretty long running start on your website, just find one you like the look of and install it. Otherwise you are starting from scratch and even a fairly straightforward system like WordPress makes that a steep learning curve for the beginner.

Sites like WIX and some of the others we have mentioned above that have their own sitebuilders built in to their membership system can obviously make this process easier for you but each one of those companies come with a completely different cost structure where you will be paying them on a monthly basis into the distant future rather than paying just for a site to be built. I guess there really is no such thing as a free lunch, as the saying goes. Especially if you can find someone to build you a site for almost the same cost as an annual Shopify site will cost you, right?

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Each theme developer will have instructions on how to use their themes to a greater or lesser degree. So at this stage we have got you a site up and now it is up to you to make it look pretty.

We can certainly give you some great ideas on how to do that but thats for another post or several. Good Luck and happy websiting. 

7 Reasons Why Local Business Need A Website

Web Design Hobart

It is still amazing to note that only about half the total number of businesses in Australia have a website, at least, that's according to a 2018 survey conducted by Telstra.

With this in mind, here are 7 reasons why your business should have one.

  1. Your Customers Are Already On Line Looking For You! 
    Statistics show that a massive 81 per cent of people perform an on-line search BEFORE they make a purchase. They go to Google and they type in "Accountant Adelaide" or "Gardener Glenorchy" or even "Web Design Hobart". If your business is not there waiting for them they are not likely to buy from you and without a web site, they are not going to find you.
  2. If You Do Not Have A Website - Is Your Business Genuine?
    Around 62% of people will stop thinking about using a local business if they cannot find that business on line. People have become so accustomed to the internet that if they cannot find your business there, they will consider that you business is not genuine.
  3. If Your Website Does Not Look Good It Affects Your Credibility. 
    The Design of the website directly affects the way your business is perceived. 48% of people cited the design and appearance of the website as the number one factor in their assessment of the credibility of your business. If it does not look good or impress visitors, it affects how your potential customers view your business.
  4. Your Customers Believe Reviews That They Read Online 
    9 out of 10 customers surveyed stated that online reviews influence their buying decisions. I guess we can thank Amazon for that. For a customer to arrive at your site and see testimonials from your clients it may be the ONE THING that closes the deal for you.
  5. Your Clients Want Answers Fast 
    In this modern world where everything is at your fingertips, your customers want to know things about you...and they want to know them right now. Now, you don't want to be open at 3.00AM, right? Well now you can be! The Inaomniac shopper that wants to know what your goods and services are all about can find out at 3.00AM because they can just check your website and even either place an order or at least contact you for m.ore info.
  6. 50 Years Ago It Was All About The Phone... 
    In 1968 if your customers wanted to know about products or services, shop for comparison prices or find a certain business it was a case of reach for the phone book and literally dial. 50 years later they do all of that online. If you are not there they will not be finding out about you.
  7. ...And It Still Is 
    However the difference now is that the phone is a mobile smartphone that does everything the computer does and often more. So not only do you need a website, it has to be mobile responsive so that accessing it from the iPhone or the android is easy and rewarding. Yes...we only build them that way.

If you need to more about what we can do for you, then simply follow this link

Mobile Responsive

What Will Web Design Look Like In 2019

Local Business Marketing

Constructing a web site can be heavy work

Society nowadays revolves around technology and use of the internet through home computers and smartphones,  if you do not keep up with the changing times then your business is going to be left behind. Wikipedia has a history of the internet with some interesting references. This said you can see why having a website could be a crucial part of your business’s success.

Like many people, you are probably aware of the basic concepts what a website is but are not quite comfortable enough with your abilities or experience to attempt to build one on your own. In order to allow your business to stand out from the sea of other websites and attract new customers, you will need to have great site creation and be creative with your website design. So if you are ready to jump in and build a website for your business, you are making a great decision.

However, if you are still not convinced, let me provide you with a few more reasons why building a website for your business is an essential thing that must be done in order to help your business thrive and excel in today’s competitive market.

Placing your business into the online market is a great way to provide you with many added incentives such as a professional image that will allow you to convert visitors into inquiries. This, in turn, equals more sales for your company. Another great benefit to building a website is that you will be able to reach potential customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This open availability can quickly add up to many Increasing your global Sales Webinar potential sales that would have been lost without having Internet availability.  Here is an interesting copy of a webinar video on Increasing your Global Sales on the internet. Once you Have decided on building a website you must consider a professional content management system.

One of the obvious features of great websites is professionalism. It makes it look like their customers are important to them and they are obviously passionate about their public image. Most web design companies will offer to provide a free assessment or create a free consultation and/or create a  free appraisal and website analysis if you already own a website.  You need a website designed with your business in mind. Development for small business can be vastly different from a larger online business that requires an e-commerce solution.

The ultimate goal when getting started is to be found. You can have the best looking site in the world but if no one can find it, it is simply not achieving its purpose.

Your first goal is the top ten of the Google Search results (SERPS) but the ultimate prize is the Google Three-Pack. This is the area at the top of the search engines where you will see a map displayed and three prominent businesses listed.  These are the first place your customers will look and therefore it is where you want to be.

Getting there requires a lot of work. It requires knowledge of On Site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Off-Site Optimisation and Backlinking and a host of other factors related to quality content on your site, Social Media links and on it goes. 

Most small business owners are unaware of how to do this and, more importantly, do not have the time to spend to get it done. To find out more you might want to check our blog article on Search Engine Optimization vs Search Engine Marketing.

You must catch the eye of your future client and create a positive user experience with your website. If the visitor to your website does not like what they see they will be gone even down to the fact that most visitors will not want to wait for your site to load. If it does not spring up infornt of them, they will hit the back button and try someone else. 

Once you have established a successful website you will see how proper web site design can quickly allow you to promote your business continuously with little effort on your end. All that is required on your part is to ensure that the information on your site is up to date and relevant to your business. One thing to note about customers…if they leave you they will most likely never return, so don’t give them a reason to go looking elsewhere.

Here is an article called 12 Ways To Increase Website Sales. If it is fame that you are looking for, this can be achieved through the use of web site design as well and can help you to quickly bring your product, service or message to the masses.

Hobart Docks, on Salamanca PlaceOne of the best things about hiring a web design company is that they will undertake the research needed for you in order to help you come up with a list of the most effective keywords based on the niche in which your website intends to target. This is an essential part of website design that will make a huge difference in how your site ranks among the sea of other sites offering similar products or services. Once the proper keywords are chosen, they will then be optimized into the site in the most efficient way in order to allow the big search engines to easily locate and index your site.  See our blog article on Search Engine Optimization.

How To Get Top Ranking With SEO

SEO Company Hobart

Even if you already have a great website, a professional web design that brings customers to your business is just priceless, 

After all, what can be better than your business being right where yourcustoomers are looking?

What you need is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you would like to find out more about visitors to your site, visit wikipedia

Web Design Hobart

How Many Responses Do You Get From Your Site? 

A few of you will say "heaps", but sadly, many more will say "not many".  

KIS Local has many clients, not only in Tasmania but also interstate and even overseas and we will make your online website work for you.

?I like the story of the man who had a dream of selling brand name fashion at ridiculous prices. As part of his project, he built a fantastic shop, got the top interior designers to “get the look” as well as spending a fortune on fixtures and fittings.

The grand opening day came and – no one came. The main problem was he built his store in the middle of the nowhere (so to speak). No one knew how to find him and those that did found him too difficult to get to. 

It is like that with websites. You can spend Thousands of dollars creating an online store, but if no one knows you are there, they won’t come to you. Sure you could spend another fortune on advertising and those customers who happen to see your ad may respond and look up your website, but if they can’t work out where you are – money wasted. 

The other option is to put your business where your customers are looking for what you supply right when they have their money in their hand and are looking to buy.

 So how do you get there?

WELL: That's what SEO is all about.

The work that we do will give you the best chance of getting your website, and therefore your business, right at the forefront of your potential customers right when they are looking to buy

?If you already have a website, KIS LOCAL can provide a complete analysis of your current website, which is very important, particularly in relation to your competition, and supply you with valuable website based data.  Maintenance is very important when it comes to optimising your site (SEO), like all good businesses, advertising is an ongoing process - if you don't look after your website, you will not glean the rewards possible.

At KIS we can help you achieve your dream by designing and building a website tailored to you, utilising WordPress,  supply hosting, domain name registration and make sure that all the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) know how to find you through search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website.

Your future customers will be able to find you when they are looking for your product and they will be taken direct to your door (so to speak), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) vs SEO

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – What Is The Difference?.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM for short),what is the difference between the two - Optimization or Marketing

entails optimization of your website and also includes social marketing. It markets your website in every form to gain rankings.


Search Engine Optimization. (SEO for short),

That’s quite a mouthful, but it basically means your website is “Optimized” for the search engines.


The Dictionary defines Optimized as:


[op-tuh-mahyz]  Show IPA verb, -mized,-miz·ing.

verb (used with object)

1.    to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible.

2.    to make the best of.

3.    Computers . to write or rewrite (the instructions in a website) so as to maximize efficiency and speed in retrieval, storage, or execution.

4.    Mathematics . to determine the maximum or minimum values of (a specified function that is subject to certain constraints).

verb (used without object)

5.    to be optimistic.


 What does this mean to you?

If you have a website, you want people to find it right?  Unfortunately there are literally millions of sites within the search engines date files that never get referred to, except on the odd occasion where you might give your customers your specific web address for them to look at.

This method is great for the customers you already have, but what about the people out there that want your product or service, but don’t know where to find you?.

That’s where Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization come in. The people you want are prospective customers to boost your inquiries (traffic) and your sales.


 Search Engine Optimization 

is the specific method used to optimize your website – see meaning 3 given by the dictionary – which pretty well explains what it is.


 On Page Optimization

is the first step. Your website must be made easily readable to search engines, which their data bases demand.

A search engine will not spend time crawling through a website if the information it wants is not there, or difficult to find.


 Off Page Optimization.

This involves getting people, or other sites to link to your site.

These linking sites must be of good quality and preferably have a good page rank of their own.  The higher their page rank, the more the search engines will reward your site (this is known as good “juice”)

The back linking sites must also be relevant to the topic of your content or website. Usually, the more back links of quality you have, the more juice is awarded by the search engines.


 Keywords Selection

The most important aspect of SEO is selecting the correct keywords.  These are the words that people enter into the search engine search bar to find the information they want.

Without the right keywords, your site will not rank anywhere, also if the keyword is highly competitive, you will have a hard job getting the search engines to select your site over others for the coveted page one position.


 Search Engine Marketing

encompasses all of the SEO principles listed above, but will also include”

  • Social Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + etc. (Search Engine Marketing companies can create an account for you and monitor it daily)
  • Entering your site in local business directories – (Again Search Engine Marketing companies will enter your details and update them as necessary)
  • Adding like buttons that automatically link your content to your social media sites – (This is vital and Search Engine Marketing Companies will install them)
  • Developing a “Blog” on your site, linking the comments to your social media sites. – (Search Engine Marketing companies can set up a blog on your site and market it)

So basically, there is not a lot of difference between the two, but Search Engine Marketing is all encompassing and is ultimately easier to remember and to say.

Some SEO companies will not necessarily supply search engine marketing within their services.  Search Engine Mareketing companies definitely will.

Well I hope you have a better idea of the difference now and it is up to you to decide which you prefer – Search Engine Optimization– or Search Engine Marketing – personally I would opt for the one that get’s me more visitors to my site – Search Engine Marketing.

Small Business Marketing Tips

One of the oldest small business marketing tips, or any size business, is the saying “Celebrities Sell” coined by Andy Warhol, to find some interesting information on this subject visit Wikipedia – Celebrities

Using celebrities to promote your business is very effective

  1. Having someone who is well known in your community endorse your products will  raise awareness of your advertising campaign. We have all grown up knowing that celebrities are paid a lot of money to represent a particular product or business. Click on the link to know all about the power of celebrity endorsement and to see some of the famous celebrity endorsements supplied by the Brisbane Times.
  2. People like to see their favorite celebs and will often go to great lengths to get to see them, or to emulate them in some way. If your product is associated with their favorite celebrity, they will notice your product more.
  3. If people think that your product is being used by that celebrity, then the possibility of them using your product also increases ten fold.  Also, the mere fact that you have that celebrity representing your product makes them respect your business more.
  4. There is no disputing the fact that if your product is endorsed by a well known celebrity, who is actually using your product , your sales will be higher – however so is the cost attached. If you happen to know a cebebrity personally who happens to owe you a favor, then you are set, however be careful not to abuse your friendship.
  5. If you are unable to afford endorsement from a major movie or sports star, then look locally. There are usually local heroes that have become well known in your local community who would welcome your offer.
  6. The celebrity you choose must be willing to represent you and it helps enormously if they like your product personally. A lot of promotions have failed due to the celebrity turning up late, reading from a card and then exiting without mingling with their fans. Educate your celebrity about your product. To get an idea what a celebrity should do to present your product read “The 25 Essential Public Speaking Skills”


There are lots of little tips that will help:

  • The all important thing is to make your celerity like you and your product.
  •  Let them try your products for free before your promotional event.
  • Give them your special T-Shirt or hat to wear.
  • Let them know if they can give away free samples or discounts specially for this promotion.
  • Offer to pick them up from their home/hotel, this will ensure they arrive on time.
  • Talk to them, listen to them and answer any questions they may have.

You will find they will react far more positively if you follow these small business marketing tips and the celebrity will feel at ease with the product they are promoting. There is nothing worse than someone from the crowd asking a question about the product and the celebrity doesn’t know the answer.  Just as a special treat, here is an interview by Gordon Keith with celebrity Zach Falifianakis, which demonstrates how not to question a celebrity (you have to scroll down a little to get to the video).

Marketing tips for the small business


SEO Services

Web Development and PositioningWouldn’t it be great to have a Free Website?…and what could be better than to offset that with Free SEO Services?

Of course, in reality, whilst nothing is impossible, a free website and SEO services is pretty unlikely unless you know someone that will do the work for you for nothing, or if you know how to do it yourself.

In fact even if you do know how to build your own free website, do you have time? The most important thing for any successful business owner is to run their business and attend to their customers. Always remember that we should all work to our strengths and building a website may not be one of yours, even though you know how.

 For more information about ways to get to the top of Google, follow this link

A free website and SEO services and what else?

Free Website

Actually the idea of a free website is not totally out of the question if you can do each of the following three things with relative ease:

  • Register a domain name
  • Organise hosting
  • Install a wordpress theme website

All it takes is those three things and you have a free website, of course that doesn’t insert the pictures and videos, organise the layout and write the articles and it doesn’t provide the SEO services. If you are a chiropractor you don’t usually attend to the plumbing, install electrical circuits or fix computers yourself so when it comes to website building, why not go to the professionals and let them do it for you.

At Keystone Internet Services we build simple easy to use web sites that you can update yourself. That means that once it is built, you don’t have to call us every time you want to change a few words or add a new picture or article. We will show you how to do that.

SEO Services

Having the best looking website in the world, even if it is not a free website, would be fantastic! Just like, if you have  a shop front for your business, you would like it to look fantastic to the passers by. But what happens if your shop is in a back alley off the main street and no one knows it is there? If no one sees it, how will they know how fantastic it really is.

The same applies to your free website, and this is where SEO Services come in. If no one knows where to find your website, no-one will see it and, more importantly, no-one will buy your products.

Just as you want your shop to be on main street…your web site needs to be on the Internet equivalent…and that is the front page of Google.

SEO services will put up all the right signs and add all the right promotion to your website so that it gets to the front page of Google. In fact at Keystone Internet Solutions we are absolutely committed to utilising the best SEO services to get you into one of the top six spots for your chosen keywords.

So in the end, what do you really want? A free website and no SEO services that was really cheap to build and may even look ok; or…

…a custom designed website fully optimised to get you to the place where your customers are just waiting to buy your products or services?.

Come and have a chat to us at Keystone Internet Solutions

We won’t build a free website or provide free SEO services…but we WILL build your business!


Free Website and SEO services