7 Reasons Why Local Business Need A Website

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It is still amazing to note that only about half the total number of businesses in Australia have a website, at least, that's according to a 2018 survey conducted by Telstra.

With this in mind, here are 7 reasons why your business should have one.

  1. Your Customers Are Already On Line Looking For You! 
    Statistics show that a massive 81 per cent of people perform an on-line search BEFORE they make a purchase. They go to Google and they type in "Accountant Adelaide" or "Gardener Glenorchy" or even "Web Design Hobart". If your business is not there waiting for them they are not likely to buy from you and without a web site, they are not going to find you.
  2. If You Do Not Have A Website - Is Your Business Genuine?
    Around 62% of people will stop thinking about using a local business if they cannot find that business on line. People have become so accustomed to the internet that if they cannot find your business there, they will consider that you business is not genuine.
  3. If Your Website Does Not Look Good It Affects Your Credibility. 
    The Design of the website directly affects the way your business is perceived. 48% of people cited the design and appearance of the website as the number one factor in their assessment of the credibility of your business. If it does not look good or impress visitors, it affects how your potential customers view your business.
  4. Your Customers Believe Reviews That They Read Online 
    9 out of 10 customers surveyed stated that online reviews influence their buying decisions. I guess we can thank Amazon for that. For a customer to arrive at your site and see testimonials from your clients it may be the ONE THING that closes the deal for you.
  5. Your Clients Want Answers Fast 
    In this modern world where everything is at your fingertips, your customers want to know things about you...and they want to know them right now. Now, you don't want to be open at 3.00AM, right? Well now you can be! The Inaomniac shopper that wants to know what your goods and services are all about can find out at 3.00AM because they can just check your website and even either place an order or at least contact you for m.ore info.
  6. 50 Years Ago It Was All About The Phone... 
    In 1968 if your customers wanted to know about products or services, shop for comparison prices or find a certain business it was a case of reach for the phone book and literally dial. 50 years later they do all of that online. If you are not there they will not be finding out about you.
  7. ...And It Still Is 
    However the difference now is that the phone is a mobile smartphone that does everything the computer does and often more. So not only do you need a website, it has to be mobile responsive so that accessing it from the iPhone or the android is easy and rewarding. Yes...we only build them that way.

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